Raquy bio


In [year] Raquy took a trip to India that altered the course of her life. It was there that she first discovered the darbuka, and she’s been playing every day since. 

She has collaborated and performed with some of the most famous Middle Eastern drummers in the world and has given concerts and workshops across the USA, Canada, The Middle East, Asia, Europe, Russia and South America. 

She has had the honor of performing several times in Egypt as a soloist with Said El Artist (The Egyptian "King of Tabla") and his drumming orchestra at the Cairo Opera House, the Alexandria Opera House, the Cairo Citadel, the historic Ewart Hall in downtown Cairo, and the Great Hall in the Bibliotheque in Alexandria. In 2005, she was the recipient of the Meet the Composer grant, which enabled her to perform her original composition with Said El Artist's orchestra in Egypt. Raquy has appeared on Good Morning Egypt, Leila Kebira, O TV, the Culture Channel,Turkish Television, Arabs Got Talent, and has been interviewed on Al Gezira. With over 50 melodic compositions, countless drumming pieces, five drumming instructional kits, her own line of custom-designed drums, and online darbuka school, Raquy’s [something is something]. In 2012 Raquy opened her “Darbuka Ofis” in downtown Istanbul, which has become a center for drumming, attracting drummers from all over the world.

Now Raquy continues to hold retreats, workshops, and shows all around the world while planning an exciting new venture.