Rhythm Celebration

This electrifying show features Turkish style darbuka/dumbek drumming.  The ensemble performs intricate and dazzling compositions comprised of rhythms from Turkey, Egypt, Iran and India as well as funk, samba and hip hop beats.  A treat for the eyes as well as the ears, this show is carefully choreographed with many theatrical elements and some audience participation.

In addition to the drumming pieces, the show includes Raquy’s dreamy melodic pieces.  In these songs Raquy plays the mystical 12 – stringed King Kemenche Tarhu, a futuristic version of the Persian spike fiddle.

DÜM is thrilled to collaborate with legendary Uzbeki drummer Abbos Kosimov!

Raquy Danziger - King Kemenche, Darbuka and Bones

Rami El-Aasser -Düm Set, Darbuka, Riq

Joaquin Colon – Darbuka

Michael Burdi - Oud and Darbuka

Lady Bruce - Tap Dance and Darbuka

Special Guest  Abbos Kosimov from Uzbekistan - Doyre (frame drum)