Learn Darbuka with Raquy

Being a good drummer involves not only technical ability, but also mastery of time, focus, relaxation, creativity.  

Ultimately its the art of projecting emotions to your audience through the vibrations you make with the drum.

My approach

Split hand darbuka technique gives you the speed and dexterity to play any style.  I can sound like a traditional belly dance drummer, I can play Indian tabla compositions, Persian zarb rolls, Funk, Samba - you name it.  In fact the latest addition to my repertoire is a Max Roach jazz drum solo.

My experience

Classical music background.  Studied drumming in India, 10 years of Arabic style dumbek, 10 years of Turkish split hand darbuka.    I combine all of those influences in my playing.

Performing regularly with with Okay Temiz, Abbos Kosimov, Zohar Fresco and Said El Artist, Glen Velez and Bunyamin Olguncan.

Online Class

This is a living school, meaning that it is constantly being updated with the latest material, so it is growing and expanding along with my own progress. 

Classes include:

Traditional rhythms

Finger techniques 


How to play for a belly dancer

Lessons by Turkish Drumming Masters

Weekly broadcasts of the latest material

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