Immerse yourself in the art of the darbuka and study with the Maestra of darbuka herself, Raquy Danziger. Drummers of all levels improve their skills through tutelage and collaboration in technique, compositions, soloing, and accompaniment.

Darbuka intensives and camps are offered in both Istanbul and Goshen New York.

Istanbul Darbuka Seminars
Come to the Mecca of Darbuka.  Train with Raquy and her own teacher, Bünyamin Olguncan.  Practice with incredible Turkish drummers, and get inspired by the beauty, culture and music of this incredible ancient city.  Five hours a day of lessons with Raquy and Bunyamin.  Appropriate for drummers with a solid background in darbuka.

Goshen, NY Raquy Darbuka Retreat 2019

Session 1 Thursday Aug 29th, 2019 - Monday September 2, 2019

Session 2 Thursday Sept 5, 2019 - Monday September 9, 2019

Full Deal attend both sessions and stay onsite in between days. Aug 29-Sept 9  // 10 days 

SINGLE/ DAY EVENTs: Attend a single workshop or day event.

Ossama Drum Workshop Only Sat Aug 31, 2-4PM or

Dancer Registration: Dancers’ Rhythm Development w/ Andrea Beeman Sun Sept 1 11am-10PM


Session I Arabic Style Darbuka/Tabla

The focus of this session is Arabic style darbuka/tabla.  

  • Learn Yimsik Asses, a drum composition by Said El Artist

  • Practice solo phrases w Ossama Farouk

  • Learn how to play for an oriental dancer.  Practice with live dancers!

  • Accompany some Egyptian classics!

Special Guests:

Egyptian Tabla Superstar: Ossama Farouk 

Sat Aug 31, 2-4PM Drum Solo Workshop (for drummers)

Guest Oriental Dance:  Andrea Beeman*

Sun Sept 1: Dance workshop (for dancers)

Special Guest Oudist: Carmine

*Dancer Registration Info Below

Dancer Registration - Day with Andrea Beeman
Sunday Sept 1, 2019 11am- 10pm

Deepening a Dancer’s Relationship to Rhythm

Instructor - Andrea Beeman

  • Dancers are invited to come to Darbuka Camp in Goshen, NY and spend the day immersed in rhythm!

  • Learn choreographies to Arrakis & Yimsik Asess by Andrea

  • Drum Solo Workshop

  • Work with live drummers

  • Intro to darbuka drumming

  • Participate in evening recital

  • Gourmet vegan meals by Chef Rami using vegetables from the garden on site.

  • option to spend the night before or after.

  • Meditation, Yoga, and Sports

Session II: Split Hand Boot Camp Sept 5-9, 2019

All levels of drummers are inviting to come shed with us this weekend! 

We will be training in the amazing Split Hand darbuka style from Turkey

Special Guest: Raquy Danziger

  • finger techniques

  • drills

  • timing exercises

  • Indian Thais for Düm-ies

  • rhythmic modulations

Retreat rates include instruction, food, and lodging at the Empowerment Center.
Everyday there will be group classes, open time, practice sessions, and great food!

Sunday Recitals are open to the public with a post show dinner option (reservation + donation suggested).
Vegan Chef Apprenticeships and work scholarships available.

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