Here are some workhops that Raquy Offers:

Darbuka Workshop

DarbukaTurkish Split HandBasics

The Turkish Split Hand Technique is a darbuka style that has appeared in Turkey in the last 20 years. The drummers split the hand into two, like in Indian tabla playing, attaining incredible speed and dexterity. Raquy has lived in Istanbul for the past several years learning this style and practicing with master drummers.  In this workshop Raquy will explain the basics of this incredible technique - hand positions, great exercises and we will play some cool Turkish rhythms.  A darbuka or dumbek is recommended but any hand drummer is welcome to attend.  1.5 hours

DarbukaTurkish Split Hand -Intermediate

This workshop is for drummers who already have experience with the Darbuka and the Turkish Split Hand Style.  Raquy will show the latest moves she has been learning from Master drummers in Istanbul.   The focus of this workshop is technique. 2 hours

Rhythm for dancers workshop

Rhythm for dancers workshop in Osaka, 2015

Rhythm for dancers workshop in Osaka, 2015

This workshop presents a unique approach to playing the zills and gives dancers practical skills that they can use while performing.  We will go through some traditional rhythms and then explore ways in which to solo over those rhythms.  We will also practice accompaniment and left hand /right hand independence.

Open to dancers or drummers.  Participants can either use zills or any hand drum.

Testimonials from Rhythm for Dancers Workshop:

"Bravo to Raquy Danziger for an amazing class. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. Thanks for explaining the rhythms that we dance to and how to swing fiercely on the finger cymbals during performance. Awesome."
 - Dalia Carella

"Raquy delves beyond the usual dums and teks, bringing students into the exciting territory of really understanding how rhythm works.  Rather than get tangled up in the complexity of this, Raquy makes it easy accessible, fun and quite literally hands- on.  I think it would help any dancer open doors to his/her creativity and musicality."
- Jenna. Owner:  DanceGardenLA


Participants can use any hand drum to explore Middle Eastern Rhythms, Odd rhythms, soloing techniques and accompaniment.