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DÜM plays at Paralounge Drum Fest in Florida May 8 - 10

  • Paralounge Drum Festival Camp Kiwanis SIlver Springs, FL 34488 (map)

Raquy is bringing her DÜM ensemble Turkish Split Hand darbuka workshops to Florida!
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DÜM, A Turkish Rhythm Celebration, features dazzling drumming pieces using the Turkish Split Hand darbukatechnique, backed by other Turkish percussion instruments such as bass darbuka, riq, bendir and also the Spanish cajon. Drumming pieces are interspersed with melodic compositions during which the performers switch between drums and melodic instruments.  These mostly original compositions based on the Middle Eastern scales and rhythms feature Raquy playing the mystical 12–stringed King Kemenche Tarhu, a futuristic version of the Persian spike fiddle, the baglama (lute –like instrument), oud, the Turkish kanun (lap harp), bass and the darbuka drum.

Raquy Danziger is a celebrated performer, teacher and composer known worldwide for her expertise on the dumbek, the Middle-Eastern hand drum. Hailing from unlikely Western roots, Raquy has distinguished herself as a unique phenomenon and earned a place of renown in the genre. In demand on several continents, she has collaborated and performed with several of the most famous Middle Eastern drummers in the world.

In addition to Raquy Danziger, DÜM New York features:
Rami El – Aasser – Percussion and Turkish Baglama 
Joaquim Colon – Darbuka