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Raquy bio


Raquy Danziger is a celebrated performer, teacher and composer known for her skills and expertise on the darbuka drum. Raquy has performed and taught around the globe - from the great concert halls of Egypt to remote towns in Siberia, spreading love and excitement for darbuka drumming.  Her unique and methodical approach has helped elevate this ancient folk drum to be a shining solo instrument fit for a concert hall. In addition to drumming she plays the mystical twelve- string King Kemenche Tarhu.

 She has released 13 albums and 5 method books. All of her teachings are available through her Online Darbuka School

Raquy is proud to be an active disciple of:
Üstat Bünyamin Olguncan  - Darbuka
Üstat Imamyar Hasanov - Kemanche

See Raquy in action in her hit video Monkey Mind