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Learn Darbuka with Raquy!

This is a living school, meaning that it is constantly being updated with the latest material, so it is growing and expanding along with my own progress. 

Classes include:

Traditional rhythms | Finger techniques | Soloing | How to play for a belly dancer

Lessons by Turkish Drumming Masters | Weekly broadcasts of the latest material

Private Skype Lessons with Raquy from anywhere in the world! Special 20% discount for the first lesson.

This is an amazing opportunity to work with Raquy one on one,  targeting exactly what you need for your level, and to get feedback on your progress. Guaranteed to re-ignite your passion for drumming and boost your skills to the next level!

All levels of players are welcome

Raquy performed with the Ladies of Düm for the Francophonie Festival, organized by Saint Benoît Lycee, in Istanbul.

Interested in buying a kemenche? Take a look at Raquy’s offers - Rumi and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, featured in her albums Green Lover and Bal Dudak, as well as the 2 Million viewed video - Monkey Mind.

Hands on Intro Turkish Drumming — Airbnb Experience Istanbul, Turkey

The event will take place at the Darbuka Ofis, near Taksim Square. The Darbuka Ofis is a place where Turkish drummers meet to practice and train together. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a darbuka drum to play. Then we will learn how to hold it and how to make the 3 basic hits. With these three hits we will be able to play many traditional rhythms. The guests will then use those rhythms to accompany melodic songs played by Raquy on the mystical stringed instrument called the King Kemenche. There will be a break in the middle of the lesson where we will drink Turkish chai and east some delicious healthy vegan snacks. At the end of the experience there will be a short performance. Guests will receive a sheet with the rhythms they learned to take home.

Online Darbuka School

Darbuka (dumbek, doumbek, tabla) lesson online! Train with Raquy virtually. Available for all skill levels. Online courses explore beginner to advanced techniques, rhythms and compositions for the darbuka taught by Raquy, Bünyamin Olguncan, and more.